Generations Apart

Cast: Flexible. 4 male, 4 female.
Set: Exterior. Clifftop (minimal) 1969 and 1996.

Having met Anne at the 1969 Isle of Wight music festival and fallen madly in love, Paul decides to run off with her to a mainland commune, leaving behind his conservative life on the island. On hearing the news his father, Albert, suffers a heart attack, forcing Paul to reconsider his options.

Many years later, a chance encounter with Anne's daughter leads Paul back into the past. The flames of romance slowly rekindle but not without seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their path, not least of which is the growing attachment between their children.

The parallels between Paul's past relationship with his father and his current relationship with his son become apparent in this poignant and humorous look at how the events of 1969 affect three generations of the same family.

A must for all who remember the heady days of the hippy!

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