Secondary Cause of Death

Cast: 3 male, 6 female.
Set: Single interior. Library of a country manor house, 1939.

The second in the ‘Inspector Pratt’ trilogy of spoofs of the Agatha Christie ‘whodunnit’ genre.

George Algernon Pratt - a brief biography.

Can be performed as a ‘stand-alone’.

Inspector Pratt arrives at Bagshot House with grim news for Colonel Craddock, but that's just the beginning. Who is the strange Polish Count? Is Henrietta really an army Captain? How does the eccentric thespian, Longfellow fit in to the equation? These are just some of the characters who make Pratt's return a chaotic nightmare as the bodies pile higher and higher.

Over 230 professional and amateur productions world-wide.

If you thought that Murdered to Death was funny, just wait until you see this one!

Secondary Cause of Death was toured by Talking Scarlet in 2016.

“Inspector Pratt is a towering creation. You’ve seen funny ineffective detectives, I’m sure, but you ain’t seen nothing yet”
Peter Viney review.

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